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Message of DG

jati-dgJudiciary, one of the three organs of the State, is duty bound to administer justice in the society through establishing and enhancing an effective justice delivery system that is equally affordable and accessible to all. A civilized nation is ultimately measured from the standard of justice delivery system for protecting fundamental rights of the citizen. According to the mandate of our Constitution, the State is to ensure freedom of judiciary. The Constitution has made all the persons employed in the judicial service independent in the exercise of judicial functions. In order to uphold and strengthen independence and efficacy of the judiciary , continuous judicial education and training of judicial officers is essential. It was a growing demand of the time to build up an institutional setup for imparting training systematically to Judges of all ranks of subordinate judiciary so that they can administer justice expeditiously and efficiently. The Judicial Administration Training Institute(JATI)is a statutory body established under the Judicial Administration Training Institute Act 1995 and started functioning from 1.3.1997. Since its inception, the Institute has been imparting training to the judicial officers and others. By this time, JATI has already arranged more than 230 training programs for judicial officers, court staffs of the subordinate judiciary and government lawyers of the civil and criminal side. In all, more than 7,000 judicial officers and other stakeholders have so far received training from this Institute.

The present web-site of Judicial Administration Training Institute is an attempt to disseminate up-to-date information about training programs and research activities to the Judges, lawyers and other stakeholders. The portal is well-equipped with the elaborate information about over-all setup of the Institute with thorough overview about the training programs organized by the Institute. It is a good initiative to provide access to online information about the ongoing training programs and research works to all the stake holders. I hope that , the trainee Judges and other stake holders will be benefitted by the newly established web-site. JATI web-site may open on line legal help desk in the near future to disseminate knowledge relating to existing laws, case management and court administration.  

I express my thanks and gratitude to A2I project of Prime Minister’s Office for the timely initiative in providing nationwide digitalization for access to information in the judicial sector.  







Mr. Justice Khondker Musa Khaled

Director General

Judicial Administration Training Institute